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November 13th (Online)

Brooklyn Academy of Music
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a solid geometric figure with straight parallel sides and a circular or oval cross section.

Cylinders make cars go.
Cylinders can hold liquid.
Cylinders are basic.
Cylinders want attention.
Cylinders get seconds.
Cylinders are happy hour.
Cylinders have sex.
Cylinders carry light.
Cylinders are appreciated.
Cylinders break concrete.
Two Cylinders.
Cylinders are bi-directional
Cylinders call mom.
Cylinders practice.
Cylinders are bold.
Cylinders hurt.
Cylinders carry the weight.
Cylinders cut hole.
Cylinders hold multitudes.
Cylinders connect.
Cylinders dream.
Cylinders listen.
Cylinders invest wisely.
Cylinders give advice.
The effort is bad.
Cylinders see birds.
Cylinders are watching.
Cylinders backpack.
Cylinders are practical.
Cylinders are angry.
Cylinders ride the winds.
Cylinders look good.
Cylinders want bread.
Cylinders are wet.
Cylinders ski.
Cylinders 3.
Cylinders indulge.
Cylinders have butts.
Cylinders never forget.
Cylinders poop their pants.
Cylinders weep.
Cylinders have spots.
Cylinders play bass.
Cylinders do crimes.


BECOME CYLINDER by Payton Finney
There is an ominous cylinder who's cylinder-powers transform a dog and a man into cylinders.

Axel's Cylinder by Axel Kinnear
My short examines the tangible and emotional realities of the cylinder. Full, empty, smooth, hollow - a light at the end of the tunnel, but also the tunnel itself.

Casually Transcending by Andrew Tomten
The cylinders featured are a powerful musical instrument with which the main character transcends realms.

Tasty Leaves by Jake Huffcutt
Jeff Bezos head protrudes from his body using a cylinder in order to reach the top of the tree so he can eats the leaves

Pupa Tank by Lila Burns
As a caterpillar, train guts and butterfly

Most Magical Cylinder by Sarah Pitrus
The subject of my short is the most magical cylinder in the whole entire world.

Restore Me, Daddy by Foreign Fauna
Well. I used it well.

Plug Play Squeeze by Kurt Texter
I drew a VERY simple Cylinder in illustrator, moved it into after effects, and smooshed a bunch of them together. Moved them up and down all slow like. I haven't animated for years, the power of the Cylinder was compelling.

Shapes of a Feather by Helen Teague
The Cylinder is both the romantic interest and the romantic interest's angry partner.

Party At Jobo's by Julianne Waber & Henry Webster
As a body, as the main part of a featured hat item, as a beer can

Soda Water by Delayjia Kendall
My short is about soda water! The best use for a cylinder. Also there are so many objects in the short that are cylinders. The main person is also wearing earrings shaped like a cylinder.

cylindrical objects around me by Constant Yen
cylindrical objects around me prominently features cylindrical objects i found around me. Many cylinders made up the main cast of my short film. A Big Thank you to the cylindrical objects around me for their special appearance in my short! Luckily for me, all the cylindrical objects were great to work with and were extremely cooperative in allowing me to try out replacement animation.
Grey Loaf by Kelly Schiesswohl
There is nothing more hellishly iconic (especially as we near the holiday season) than the gelatinous form of canned cranberry sauce. This divine form, with pressed ridges from its metal captivity, is the central inspiration for my piece which centers around a cylindrical gelatinous loaf of no nutritional value that is being peddled to kids within children's media.

bearly listening by The Frog Emperor
There's a Cylinder that won't shut up.

Hungered Gyraffinder by Mackenzie Bigley
The giraffe, he is a cylinder head on a cylinder neck. He hungers for the tree, who is also a cylinder trunk. Their cylinders stretch into infinity and beyond, and the hunger never ends.

Worst Grower by Nathan Motzko
I used them as pots to hold a flower and a past failure of tim's.

Salty Beef by Kayla Lui
The cylinders in my short are salt containers. My short is a fake ad for salt.

Cylinder Boyfriend by Noah Gallagher
A Cereal box sings a love song about a cylinder can of soup (Cylinder Boyfriend).

Watching TV with my partner by Sophie Ash
In the animation, we see the cylinder get very upset while watching TV.

BICYLINDER by Emma Ozark
I used cylinders to visually represent the "cylinders are bi-directional" to turn into "cylinders are bisexual" before they shifted into my partner and I

Magic by Emily Barton
I used a spell to make a cylinder

Wizard Party by Jess Eith
Wizard staff!!

Thud by Angela Visconti
A little dude had an extraterrestrial cylinder attached to his body.

Cylinder Earth by Aline Santos
Stop-motion of cylindrical objects, specially paper rolls.

Audrey by Maria Arriola
The body of the dog is a cylinder. There is always a cylinder in frame.

cylinder death of the universe by aulerius
The subject is spatially present at the centre of video frame for the full duration of this animated short film

Swag School Real Game 69 by Alex Hickey, Ana, & Diana K
Our cylinder is a hot man

Mná Síghe by Cesca Saunders
I wanted to play with the sublime view of Kerry outside my window. I used the cylinder as a totemic shape to deify Irish women of the Gaeltacht. Imagining their heads atop some massive structure of worship. Ancient Matriarchs of the country side. With judging faces made cavernous from age and bodies moving slow like enormous blue glaciers shaping the land.
Alice Sips the Mercury Cylinder by Madeline Williams
I swallowed a cylinder for breakfast and this kinda came out a few days later

How Cylinders Are Made by Foreign Fauna
A cylinder hula-hoops a character.

Cylinder by Camilo Aguirre
It appears there, floating and spinning.

Hips and Tips by Ross Auger
The cylinder provides the hips and the tips.

Bitter Resource by Dane Cree
"The Cylinder took shape in Bitter Resource as-
The oil pipe line.
The drinking glass.
The table.
The stool.
The head of the evil CEO (sometimes).
Various vessels.
Various mechanical parts.
Old oil barrel."

Floyd–Steinberg Cylinder Oscillation 01 by Ben Moren
There are only cylinders, they are moving around.

Mi Cilindro by Dan Anthony Kelly
This animation was shot on the circumference of a foam cylinder and tells the 4 frame tragedy of my good friend the Cylinder.

Sick Bed by Dave Merson Hess
I was sick as dog post covid boster. While in bed, I made a short featuring stop-motion of a tapered cylinder bottle. I learned that might be insufficient and to include a safety cylinder just in case. Upon my recovery (and post revelation of deadline extension), I made an overlay composed on many safety cylinders. Maybe too many. I hope this is enough.

TIME IS A CYLINDER by Alyssa Fawcett
I describe, poorly, how time is a cylinder instead of a straight line. Features a cylinder in the form of a diet dr. thunder can.

DEMO by James Thacher
Cylinders are everywhere around us. Sometimes they outlive their usefulness.

Smoke Break by Taharka Baraka
All over, blunt, grinder, record, lighter, etc

We Are Going to the Countryside by Sara Fowler
A family of flies live inside of one but over time they have tired of it. Also I copyrighted cylinders episode with Peter in 2012.

Bonecrusher by Collin O'Brien
The Bonecrusher is actually just a cylinder

CRUSHERZ by Lije Morgan & Zack Dresher
This is an homage to the hydraulic press: the world's greatest cylinder! We used so many cylinders to crush our littlest boys.
Cutie Koala by Michael Van Swearingen
It is the cans.

Cylinder Day by Milly Cohen
I used a cylinder to recreate a may pole celebration. At one part somebody gets upset and throws a cup, which is also actually in the shape of a cylinder.

Cylindratin: A Smoother Life, A Smoother You by Cady Buche & Travis Barron
We found a cure for cubism. Now EVERYONE can be a cylinder.

Given by Peter Steineck
I give you many cylinders.

Fingers by Virginia Easthope
we are cylinder, the cylinder is the loving swaddle of the universe, confine my bodily existence to the decadent tube.

Dance Break by Prakash Haridas
The dancing figure and the backdrop are made up of cylinders.

My World by Wyatt Richards
I used them as the birds and the main shapes in the landscape and drawings.

CyLin by Christopher Rutledge
in the short there is a cylinder. also it features cy Lin Manuel miran Der who has cylinder in his name.

The C Tour by Dan McHale
I drew a lot of cylinders in different contexts: Logs, tunnels, random tubes, miniatures, people. And I threw in some parallax and even a little bit of frame by frame animation.

God by draphy
Cylinder is god.

Praise Cylinder by Jeralise Tylke
The cylinder demands attention. The cylinder calls for its followers. Will you join the call? Come, start your journey to the cylinder. AKA: A cylinder with smaller cylinders inside is spinning around in the hands of the mysterious woman.

RECIPROCAL by Steven Lapcevic
The two gentlemen in the short have cylinders for heads.

The Encounter by Sishir Bommakanti
The Cylinder is a Nesting Doll like God-Entity that encounters a young Intellectual Advice Cat. This prequel shows the origins of how he confronted a living god, and tapped into its powers, only to be tricked and taken by aliens (allegedly).

Birth by Dan Forke
The rabbit is in a big ol cylinder, there are more of them throughout the environments