a solid geometric figure with straight parallel sides and a circular or oval cross section.

Cylinders make cars go.
Cylinders can hold liquid.
Cylinders are basic.
Cylinders want attention.
Cylinders get seconds.
Cylinders are happy hour.
Cylinders have sex.
Cylinders carry light.
Cylinders are appreciated.
Cylinders break concrete.
Two Cylinders.
Cylinders are bi-directional
Cylinders call mom.
Cylinders practice.
Cylinders are bold.
Cylinders hurt.
Cylinders carry the weight.
Cylinders cut hole.
Cylinders hold multitudes.
Cylinders connect.
Cylinders dream.
Cylinders listen.
Cylinders invest wisely.
Cylinders give advice.
The effort is bad.
Cylinders see birds.
Cylinders are watching.
Cylinders backpack.
Cylinders are practical.
Cylinders are angry.
Cylinders ride the winds.
Cylinders look good.
Cylinders want bread.
Cylinders are wet.
Cylinders ski.
Cylinders 3.
Cylinders indulge.
Cylinders have butts.
Cylinders never forget.
Cylinders poop their pants.
Cylinders weep.
Cylinders have spots.
Cylinders play bass.
Cylinders do crimes.