E    P   I    S   O    D    E


MARCH 15, 2018






In October 2017, Hellavision recieved a $5000 Visual Arts Fund grant from Midway Contemporary Art. This meant we could screen an episode every 3 months for a year and a half. The money went into paying for theater rentals and zine publishing. Episode 3 is the first of six episodes made from this grant. The screening was free, zines and posters were free to attendees.
Featuring Animation by Peter Steineck, Chloe Wolfe, Alessandro Echevarria, Harry Butt, Noah Rogers, Night Heron, Sean Suchara, John McColgan, Matt Oberdalhoff, Santiago Muedano , Jonathan Campbell, Adriana Crespo, Stefan Pavlovic, Jake Huffcutt, Dane Cree, Sishir Bommakanti, Adam Henderson, Noah Lawrence-Holder, Dave Merson Hess, Kirsten Crawford, Helen Teague, Lila Burns, Dan Forke, Madeline McGrane, Tynan Humphrey, Andrew George, John Wilinski, Mike Owens, Wendie Owens, BEN TYE, Kat Ball, Tommy Takezawa, Marcie LaCerte, Danielle Chenette, Simeon Kondev, Josh Taylor, Ching Thao, Kelsey Maher, Sarah Steiner, Kelan McQuinn, Caleb Harrington, Carlos Barron, Dave Merson Hess, Justin Taber, Michael Swearingen, Faith Ramirez, Kaz Olin, Mike Brown, AngelxXXsprinkle459, Tannon Wreckling , Zach Stoebner, Mason Sklar, Nathan Sonenfeld, Sarah Julson, Hunter French, Nathan Motzko, Evan Gutt, Foreign Fauna, Axel Kinnear

︎︎︎The zine was RISO printed by Ian Babineau. The first in a series of RISO printed zines. Submission guidelines requested illustration, design work, and haikus. Typeface for body copy is Peace by Op. Cit. Ibid. Type Foundry.
︎︎︎Promotional posters were also RISO printed through Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s Service Bureau. 

Hellavision is mispronouncing a name you’ve said correctly multiple times before
Hellavision is hot sauce and coffee
Hellavision is the embarrassment of stumbling through reading out loud in class in the 6th grade
Hellavision is living under an active volcano
Hellavision is quitting the band right before they make it big
Hellavision is post-capitalism bumming white people out so much they vote for an illiterate reality star to the office of president, instead of doing something practical and sane
Hellavision is I still don’t understand what the blockchain is, it has been described to me so many times, can someone describe it to me like how they described the internet in the 90s? Like packets of information being sent around in a network.. Just baffled

︎︎︎Episode 3’s mascot was based on the tide pod meme from 2018, where people joked that they would eat tide pods because of how delicious they looked. Another version of this was referring to molten lava as “Forbidden Honey.”