Hellavision Television Network is a series of participatory events emphasizing improv practices to create animation, film, art, & design. Each show is free to the public, each show is free to submit, each show is not curated (given that submission guidelines are met). Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate. Artists are encouraged to create work as quick as possible and without self-judgement. We also offer workshops!

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How do I work this, what do I do?

Sign up to our mailing list to recieve submission guidelines during open calls. We announce open calls twice a year. Each open call is a 5 week period where we accept animated work and sometimes illustrations/design/writing based on a theme. Episodes are then screened 3-5 weeks after the submission deadline. Pre-pandemic episodes were screened at a theater here in Minneapolis, MN. Lately, episodes have been streamed via Twitch. After an episode is screened it is then put up on youtube.

I have something I made 2 years ago, can I submit it?

You can, but it’s not ideal. Hellavision Television is not a festival. Think of it more like a participatory television show. Ideally each episode would be unique and fresh. Themes are meant to help encourage original work made for the show. But we get it, animation is tough, a lot of work, and it’s a lot to ask people for unique work. Soooooooo, yes. I guess? But also eh.


Occasionally we do workshops highlighting improv techniques to develop ideas for animation. 

In 2020, we interviewed a bunch of animators who have participated in hellavision in the past. We asked them about their journey with animation.
01. Wealthy Relative

Please direct questions to hellavisiontelevision@gmail.com