The Art-A-Whirl Special was a family friendly Best-Of compilation of shorts from the first three episodes plus a few unique shorts made for the event, played in a busy convention setting. 
Art-A-Whirl is an art event that takes place in Northeast Minneapolis every spring. The special was played on mute, with subtitles written by Meg Dolan. These are the shorts created for the event.

Pilates Pals

by Sean Suchara
Music: The Boys by Yuichiro Fujimoto


by Erik Heathcote


by Michelle Brost

Butterfly Kisses

by Danielle Chenette

My Sweet Tiny Baby

by Dan Forke
Music by Wealthy Relative

Her Mother’s Eyes

by Foreign Fauna

Typeface: BB-Book B by Benoît Bodhuin


by Dane Cree
Music by Edible