November 6th, 2020


Rebecca Waters is a 27 year old assistant who is trying to figure out where she wants to go in life. With help from her best friend and mentor, Paula Abdul (No, not THAT Paula Abdul), Rebecca might just find what she's been looking for. Oh, and she can turn into a dog!
In September 2020 an open call for participation was announced for Hellavision's first single storyline. Janice's Secret was written in 1 month, the script was then broken out into parts and given to animators to create each scene. Animators were provided the script, character designs for reference, and recorded VO to ensure the whole story stayed consistent. Janice's Secret was then screened live on Twitch, November 6th, 2020.

Animators include Dan Forke, C. Sparkman, Zach White, Axel Kinnear, Sarah Schmidt, Joshua Hart , Julianne Waber, Jace Brockopp, Bill Dewald, Winter Schatz, Maddy Haynes, Dave Merson Hess, PMurphy, Helen Teague, Emily Barton, Noah Gallagher, Austin Drake, Camilo Aguirre, Alessandro Echevarria, Zack Dresher, Kat Ball, Mason Sklar, Samuel Karie, Lila Burns, Andrew Tomten, Jack Aguirre, Madeline Williams, Cameron McManus, Adam Eastburn, Zach Stoebner, Maya Powell, Cameron Browne, Tommy Takezawa, Anthony Clementi, Dan Anthony Kelly, Peter Steineck, Victoria Douglas, Christopher Rutledge, Alex Hickey, Miranda Adelman, Payton Finney, Spencer S, Maddie Brewer, Dana Fretty, Sarah Riedlinger, Oliver Souza, Lije Morgan, Michael Van Swearingen, Eewen Chew, John Moraskie, Andrey Smirny, Taylor Guntharp, Nog, Barbara Benas, Ian Ballantyne, Jake Huffcutt, Michael Costello, Dane Cree, Foreign Fauna, Nicole Ham

︎︎︎Character Designs by Peter Steineck, Michael Van Swearingen, Maddie Brewer, & Ian Ballantyne
︎︎︎Additional “Magical Girl” Character Design by Taylor Guntharp

︎︎︎Promos were created by many contributors.

Adam Loomis
Helen Teague
Asa Ora

Barbara Benas
P. Murphy
Computer Craphics

Dane Cree
Dave MH
Wealthy Relative
Dave MH
Micheal Van Swearingen

Emory Allen
Oliver Souza

Kat Ball

Helen Teague

Peter Steineck

Payton Finney