May 1st, 2020

BLESSED was made at the same time as CURSED. The idea was to offer two opposing themes and have animators choose the episode in which they would want to contribute. BLESSED had more submissions, but at what cost? The title card was created by Dan Forke. The character during the end credits, Crulmn, is from a short Michael and I created called “CRULMN” which is a friend Michael makes. Crulmn in this case represents the idea of blessed objects/people/situations. The credits music was made custom for this episode by Slowya.roll.

Featuring Animations by Cameron Browne, Emory Allen, Aurelijus & Laurynas, Dan Forke, Dan Anthony Kelly, Ian Ballantyne, Virginia Easthope & Brian Scott, Sam Franklin, Erik Reinholdz, Dave the Animator & Hannah Callahan, Guinevere XIV, Tara Reynolds, Jen Holmberg, Jackie Snyder, Maddy Haynes, Adam Eastburn, Sishir Bommakanti & Bryan Paul Patterson, Michael Van Sweaingen, Alyssa Fawcett

Credits Music: Slowya.roll
Sound Editing/Intro Music: Dan Forke