MAY 1, 2021


Heck TV Cartoon Program is a bootleg version of Hellavision Television Animation Show. Animators were tasked to make work under the broad theme of “Bootleg.” The open call was live between March 1st and April 4th.
Featuring Animation by @colt_nyc, Alex Hickey, Cody O'Neill, drawminions, Dan Forke, Dan Anthony Kelly, Lije Morgan, Axel Kinnear, Nicole Ham, Payton Finney, Michael Van Swearingen, Kyle Knapp, Brandie Hanson, Skyler Swender, Sebastian Angel, Tommy Takezawa, Cameron McManus, Justin Reed, Madeline williams, Katie Zager, Lauren Kolar, Dane Cree, Daren Jannace, Evan Suk, Mark Neeley, Christian Dam, Amanda Hua-foxcrier, ArtNuttz, Andy Wieland, Jacob Docksey & Adam Udenberg, Josiah Columna, Yezheng Sheng, Karina De La Cruz,Virgnia Easthope, Jay Kasten, Timothy Coleman-Zaitzeff, Mackenzie Bigley, Harrison Wyrick, Rubik Wang, Spencer S & N Wiesman, Michelle Brost & Tom Schroeder, Aurelijus Čiupas, Foregin Fauna, Patinya Jeerapaet, Arius Ziaee, Emily Barton, Isabel Higgins, Kat Ball, Madeline Williams, LiL PDF, Maya Powell, Ruiqi Wang, Peter Steineck & Dave Merson Hess, Zack Dresher

Credits Music: “I might Be Wrong (Terrible Radiohead Cover)” by Peter Steineck

/ˈbo͞otˌleɡ/ adjective
  1. (especially of liquor, computer software, or recordings) made, distributed, or sold illegally
/ˈrip ˌôf/ noun
  1. a fraud or swindle, especially something that is grossly overpriced.
  2. an inferior imitation of something.
/ˈperədē/ noun
  1. an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.

HECK TV Cartoon Program is NOT associated with Hellavision Television Network (legally).
HECK TV is the dollar store knock-off.
HECK TV is the melty Sonic popsicle inside of a sweaty Obama backpack.
HECK TV is the accent that guy put on in college after his 2 week long vacation to England.
HECK TV is the unmarked VHS tape you buy on the street.
HECK TV is that person in the corner doing karaoke of Down With The Sickness.
HECK TV is this framed rug I bought called “The Charlatan”.