Nice Moves MN asked us if we would come talk about Hellavision Television to an audience comprised of Minnesota motion industry folks. We said of course, but it has to be special. We used the opportunity to rebrand Hellavision Television Animation Show into something larger, more in line with our vision for the future, we called it: Hellavision Television Network.
Hellavision Television Network is an all encompassing animation experience. Not just the usual amatuer animation screening. By adding the word “Network”, we set up this project to consist of a whole spectrum of amatuer animation work. What this essentially boils down to, at its core, in reality, for real, for real, is that moving forward each episode will have a theme.

︎︎︎To help us out to explain the complexities of Hellavision Television Network’s new and exciting direction we created a new spider spokesperson as an app that you can interact with and enjoy. App still in development.
︎︎︎Here he is having fun.