Episode 2 was the first episode to be screened at the Trylon Cinema; A quaint 90 seat theater in south Minneapolis that specializes in screening curated film series’. The screening was free, zines were free to attendees.

Featuring Animation by Axel Kinnear, Peter Steineck, Jake Huffcutt, Helen Teague, John McColgan, Nikole Anderson & Colton Letellier, Danny Hengel, Eve Hernandez, Foreign Fauna, Thomas Grave, Michelle Brost, CRICE, Simeon Kondev, Bráulio Amado, Dane Cree, Michael Van Swearingen, Yannio Lo, Dax Norman, Kav, Sara Fowler, Alessandro Echevarria, Maret Polzine, Michael Perez, Brandon Lecy, Tommy Takezawa, Zach Stoebner, Mason Sklar, Nicole Ham, Mallory Taylor, Peng Wu, Sean Suchara, Dan Forke, Andrew George, John Wilinski, Adam Loomis

Credits Song: “Ghosts” by Baywitch
SEPTEMBER 21, 2017






Axel Kinnear
Peter Steineck
Jake Huffcutt
Helen Teague
John McColgan
Nikole Anderson & Colton Letellier
Danny Hengel
Eve Hernandez
Foreign Fauna
Thomas Grave
Michelle Brost
Simeon Kondev
Bráulio Amado
Dane Cree
Michael Van Swearingen
Yannio Lo
Dax Norman
Johnny Cigarette
Sara Fowler
Alessandro Echevarria
Merit Thursday
Michael Perez
Brandon Lecy
Tommy Takezawa
Zach Stoebner & Mason Sklar
Nicole Ham
Mallory Taylor
Peng Wu
Sean Suchara
Dan Forke
Andrew George & John Wilinski
Adam Loomis

︎︎︎The Episode 2 zine is the first to feature illustration & comics submissions.  
︎︎︎The promotional material for episode 2 was primarily typographic.

Hellavision is half measures
Hellavision is things that don’t quite work but almost do
Hellavision is coincidental
Hellavision is mail returned to sender
Hellavision is going for broke and ending up broke
Hellavision is the guy with the awkward instincts in improv class
Hellavision is hitting all the hurdles in a 100 meter race but still getting the bronze
Hellavision is riding in a hot car, sitting on leather seats with a wet swimsuit on
Hellavision is a nugget of truth found in a bold faced lie
Hellavision is counting cards and being caught but then let go because you start crying
Hellavision is a key ground down to become a lock pick
Hellavision is sailing the seas and never finding treasure
Hellavision is assuming the worst, and getting the worst, but surviving, but then the next day a piano falls on your head

Following the initial character exploration to promote episode 1, a unique mascot was created for each Hellavision Television Animation Show episode.  Each one carries a unique ethos. This one is about “cute doom.”