Do you love to get to the theater early and sit through all the life changing pre-film content? Welcome to Popcorn Time, the main event before the main event.

Whether it's an ad for your local shitty hypnotist, a little trivia game about the highest paid animal actors, a dancing soda begging you to buy more candy, or a trailer for the next indie horror classic, the screen is your oyster. Popcorn Time is all about exploring the realm of advertisements, trailers, concessions promotions, and anything else you may see on the big screen at your local cinema before the movie plays.
Organized by Dan Forke
Created in association with Braindead Studios
31 Animators
Runtime: 17:15
Each submission is :15, :30, or :45 seconds long
Made in August/September 2022

Screened at
Braindead Studios LA Oct 8th
Heck Studio MPLS Oct 14th
Twitch Online Oct 28th